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Be happy where you are now


____________JJ Thiret____________ what is your opinion about that, and, and how do you address that with, with your client? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Well, absolutely you gotta live in the now, because right now is all that you have... I mean, the, the, the future may not come, you know, God forbid. But the future may not come, you, you, you might want that side and, you know, and actually might hit you right? But um, but the, in the, and then, in the past, you know, we already talked about, you can, you can't live there, you know, you can use it as a friend or efforts you know, so that you're, you're, you can use it as okay, I did this, this didn't work. And so you can plan for the future... But you got to really live in the now, and a lot of times, you do this, you got to be like a real sort of balance, what I tell with my clients, especially weight loss clients, what I will tell them is, you wanna have a picture of, in your mind, what you want to become. So you got to have that picture of what you wanna become. So that's should present, but you're always striving towards that. Now the future, what you wanna look at that is, how far you've come already. Coz a lot of people would say, oh, I'm not to that size like 5 or 6, or I'm not to that, that 40 pounds that I wanna up. But they're forgetting the fact that, you know, they've lost 20 pounds already... And they've done it, daily in 2 months. And, you know, that's the fattest they've done it or, the healthiest they've done it so far. ____________JJ Thiret____________ Yeah. So what I hear you saying is, be happy with where you are now... Keep your mind on where you wanna be... And don't forget how far you've come. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Exactly. Absolutely.

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