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Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor our own feelings


So one of the subjects that I'm really entrusted in and that I use often lot in my coaching practice is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence really came [inaudible] to best selling book on a subject. And that was really after a couple of book of professors earlier on Salovey and Mayer have talked about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is really the ability for us to monitor our own feeling and emotions and other people's feelings and emotions and to discern what those emotions are and then really to use that knowledge to help us in our lives. There are many different quotes about definitions about emotional intelligence. And why is it so important? It is so important for many many reasons. Emotional intelligence is much more important than IQ, intelligence quotient, because a lot of what we do in life is about relationships with other people. It's how we get along with other people. It's how we communicate with other people. And a lot of problems will arise in a work place rise because of disputes, because of lack of communications, because of lack of self-awareness, because of lack of emotional empathy. These are all the main cornerstone. The main cornerstone of self emotional intelligence is self-awareness. And why is that so important? Well, self-awareness is hugely important because once we have a much clearer idea of our own values, beliefs, systems, goal, and thoughts and feelings, then we're much better able to live our lives accordingly and to help other people because we go by our own values and our belief systems. We don't waiver. We're much more clear and concise. We can also empathize with others and help other people. Again, self-awareness is really been where of how we react to a certain time on our emotions, how we feel about things, how we can help others. So it's a starting place relief for emotional intelligence. I would really recommend anyone who is interested in this subject to pick up the whole range of books out there now and this subject has a lot information online. And I say it's absolutely essential to get a core knowledge of emotional intelligence in order to make yourself more self-aware but also to help you not only in your professional life but in your personal life. One of the things that [done your common talks] are the five EQ competencies. So he talks about the importance of self-awareness, self-regulation, which is impose control, empathy. And he'll talks about the importance of motivation. How important it is to motivate yourself and your team and then finally keep competency is about social skills. So those five EQ competencies are very important and he start to focus with interesting quotes but I'll just read, because I think it's hugely important and it really sums up what emotional intelligence is all about. So it's from our [inaudible] and it says 'anyone can become angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree at the right time, for the right purpose and then the right way that is not easy. And I think that pretty much sums it up but we all react spontaneously but not many of us start to think about why we are reacting the way that we do? How we're reacting the way that we do. And also what the effects of our reaction is having on other people. So emotional intelligence is a huge subject. There's an awful lot of fairy behind it but it's something that's well worth reading about and I would advise anybody interested in personal development to read and buy Daniel Gorman's book. It's full of really interesting information [inaudible].

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