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Expert talks about meditation and the harmful effects of technology to children


__________Madison__________ What kind of children, what kind of stories children have come to it what are their I don't know, what's a better word to use other than um when everyone else would conceive as-as an issue or really it's a gift that they're highly sensitive like you're mentioning How do they come to you and err what do their parents say, like this is my children this my child he has such and such and we don't know what to do. __________Laurel__________ So-so I put it into like I'll try in put it into categories so um you've got this, this-this whole-whole anxiety umbrella and under that you've got worry, excessive worry, um being scared to do something, um like presenting in front of a group cause I've had a couple of kids that I worked that through that with them at using meditation and from, from those presenting symptoms there often physiological symptoms, unexplained sore tummies and a huge one parent say you know I'm taking them to the doctor I can't figure it out they've got a really sore stomach and you know, were checking their gallbladder, were checking appendicitis you know their appendix were checking for all source were checking for all of these things. Head-aches, I worked with uh six year old and her mother said you know can you help my daughter with her head-aches they went, her head-aches are nothing to do with physiological well they are. But I said she's super bright and mother said yet she's been identified as gifted __________Laurel__________ Then I taught her daughter how to meditate and how to get rid of the headaches using meditation and her mother sent me a message the next day and said her headaches went from like a-a 9 out of 10 to like 3 out of 10. __________Madison__________ Wow. __________Laurel__________ Not only that a week later her mom said she's a completely different kid. So what I have taught her is that when things became really stressful or when she was overwhelmed by a situation she actually could use meditation to ground well it was really stop, take a step back, focus in, breathe deeply and this child is a completely different child and so that's the work that I'm doing with these kids

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