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Realize the patterna and then change it


This is one of my favorites because its part of what Im teaching. Self-esteem is such a sometimes, I think, put in the wrong context. The reason why some people find themselves financially poor no matter what their income is and goes the same way for people who are constantly rich. Its because they are holding a belief in their sub-conscious mind that is either stopping them from keeping that money or is automatically creating a really good income in an ongoing basis. Our sub-conscious mind as mentioned previously before is so powerful and is running the show. Once you have a called a belief system and this one in particular is a good one, a lot of us has that. I certainly had quite a few beliefs about that too. When initially we think we have an issue with money, for example, its not us having that issue was money. Its something we picked up around the context of money that we hold in our sub-conscious mind as a belief thats stopping us from actually keeping the income or saving the money. Its nothing logical. To give you an example, in my circumstances, my father was a workaholic and my mother was self-employed as well. Our family life was really not enjoyed , to say the least, but I am not going into that story. The only thing is, I always thought, my biggest belief system was that you have to work hard to earn money. That was one of them but that was not the main one. For me, my main one was thinking, I can either earn a lot of money or I can have a family life but I cant have both because I didnt experience that and for me, especially bringing my kids up on my own, it was always most important that I have a happy family life, that Im a good mother and that I am there for them but in my sub-conscious mind, I could not see a way how I could do both. Still earn a lot of money or whatever that means to you and me and have a happy family life and it took me years until I figured out thats the one that was holding me back. So, theres no advice as such I can give you but if you are realizing it, that goes for any pattern you are experiencing something over and over and over. Meaning, for example, you have a relationship and then that breaks up and you have a next one and that breaks up and then so on and on. That only means, you are holding a belief in your sub-conscious mind which created a pattern to repeating the process and that pattern obviously is not helping you so you will need to find out what that pattern is. Transform it and shift it and then create a new pattern. Because as Ive said, it works both ways. If you create a new pattern that says, I can earn a lot of money and have a family life, until you hold that in your sub-conscious mind, then all of a sudden, you create opportunities and circumstances that prove to you you are right and things will change automatically. The hardest work is to realize the pattern and then changing it but its the most rewarding work Ive ever come across.

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