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How to deal with discouragement


____Milena Ciren____ Discouragement is fear. Fear is uhm, based on many many limiting beliefs. So when there is discouragement, you need to, first of all, erase the negative beliefs that's behind it, erase the fear. But then there's more that you have to do with that, I love "I am" statements and "what if" statements. This is definitely something that really lifts you up. If you're discouraged, uhm, let's say, give me an example, what would be the discouragement be about? Madison Uhm... you, you got a C on your, your exam paper and that was your, the grade that you needed to show to get into grad school. Milena Okay so you need to be a better student, right? You need to get better results. So what you can start doing is this, "I am great student. I achieve great results. I can study easily. I remembered things easily". So I am statements always define who you are. And they change the way you think and when you're empowered, that's when you do things easier and better. So go with "I am" and then apply anything that is indirect opposite off what you're currently are discouraged about. The next thing would be "what if". "What if" is such a great statement because it literally lifts you up. It puts you in another perspective. Let's say, you could say, "What if I achieve great results in my studies? What if I get to this university? What if I get that job? What if I perfect relationships? What if I have perfect business? What if I am perfectly healthy? This opens up new possibilities for you and I really encourage everybody to do this it literally immediately makes you excited about life.

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