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Believing in yourself


So just some quick tips on how to feel better about yourself you know believing in yourself is the most important thing in the whole world believe it or not you are the most important person in your life now a lot of the times we focus on her people particularly if we have families more you know everything begins with you, you are the most important person in your life and with that (inaudible) responsibilities so you know speaking negatively to yourself in your head is not good for you, I want you to identify a phrase maybe an affirmation it could be as simple as you know something or good enough or I really like myself or I'm getting to like myself more find something that you can say to yourself repeatedly in your head and Id like you to do that and maybe just beginning to think about how you treat your best friend, how would treat your best friend? You would treat them with great respect, you would probably be on time for them or maybe a bit late or you like spending time with them or you might buy them nice little things every so often and you, you think kind thoughts about them and I like you to maybe think about being your own best friend, what would you do if you actually thought of yourself as your own best friend? And remembering you know it doesnt really matter if youve had a universe, the education or if you havent had much education you are beautiful as you are, you are a unique individual and to just start actually begin to think of yourself in a kinder way rather than the harshness that most of us go on inside our head so quit the nonsense that of not thinking kindly about yourself and really begin look upon yourself as a unique and special individual and to allow your self-esteem to build up like that, it builds up by actually repeating to yourself all the time you know that you actually believe in yourself and perhaps just (inaudible) the little bit of me time to yourself rather than looking after a lot of people it doesnt have to be you know hours and end but just that little bit of time to yourself and doing things that you like (inaudible) just having that little bit of fun time you know for yourself and just beliefs and values are very important so everything you do will be differ by your belief of how you believe about yourself so it's really important that you developed new good beliefs rather than limiting beliefs and a lot of the time you know we stand on our own ways so seriously begin believe in possibilities of you and who you are as a unique and special individual nobody has the exact fingerprints as you, you are unique in every single way I want you to start looking at values as well, values are one of most important to us and you know in a world were weve lost a lot of family values and other things you can start to look at what your values are and looking at what you want to move away from and what you want to move towards so moving away from may be guilt or anger or hate or insecurity and what will that do for you just writing a maybe a couple of things like that what will it do for you, how will my life be change if I will not accept you know a guilt in my life, if I will not accept inferiority, if I will not accept depression in my life, if I will not accept anger for myself and for anyone else just writing a few little lines and then moving towards what you really want to you know maybe achievement or beauty or family or respect or trust and beginning to actually you know live your life based on your values and so that you know you actually trust in your own and unique abilities, in your talents, in your skills maybe respecting yourself a bit more and actually asking yourself you know, why youre a bit hard on yourself? (inaudible) really respecting yourself am I actually living my values or am I just talking a little rubbish here but actually walk in your talk and respecting yourself of who you really are and maybe if youre creative getting something creative going whatever you need to do beginning to believe in yourself so much more in the unique individual you truly are and when just beginning to treat yourself like youre your own best friend talk nicely to yourself in your head and tell yourself to shut off when you start to talk really badly to yourself in your head because you're not helping yourself you're building a patterns that are not good so really, really start to love yourself, believe in yourself and start to speak kindly and make nice pictures in your head about you, you're a unique individual and you lived to be love, respected and to actually respect yourself, trust yourself and believe.

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