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______Petrea King_______ well , you know, the, the practice that I do most of my day is simply to come to my senses, it's important to remember that your body is always in present moment, your mind has the tendency to jump 5 seconds, weeks, months, years into the future. Where it projects all of its ways, its fears, its anxieties, all the things that might happen, could happen and probably won't happen. Or its jumping into the past where it resents, it blames, it shines, it rehashes conversations, it tries to rewrite history, I should have said that, I should've done that, where as your body is always here, now, and so it's a very constant practice probably 5 minutes doesn't go past in my day where I'm not consciously aware of my posture, the shape of my body, the texture of the clothing, the air against my skin, all of the sounds within and outside of the space that you're in, and you let , you're listening right, round right at out until you hear the sun shining. And if you bring your attention whole heartedly to what is in the present moment, which are all of the messages that you are receiving from the senses of your body, and be aware of the breath, and notice the inward and out of your breath then, that is a fulltime job. And the mind will come to rest and when the mind is at rest, we have access to our intuition, and creativity, and humor, and wisdom. You don't have access to those qualities that we so treasure when your mind is full of worries, or chewing of the past, or resenting things, or panicking about the things in the future, so if you want to have access to those innate qualities of your first nature, rather than those who have become second nature to you, then one of the most effective ways is simply to practice coming to your senses on a moment by moment basis. That's what we say to people when their having a panic attack, "come to your senses!" because we intuitively already know that if you fill up your awareness with the messages that are coming in from your senses, what is happening in the present moment, then it will quiet down the mind and bring you at a catastrophising over the future or rejecting the past. Because it's a full time job just being conscious of what is in this present moment and if you do this on a regular basis then that's why meditation and techniques of mindfulness are so helpful and I've been meditating for over 40 years. But if you do it on a regular basis, then you'll find if all that internal chatter stops, you don't think, thinking is terribly overrated ______Madison Stern__________ Ha-ha, I love that ________Petrea King__________ Yeah! Thinking is terribly overrated it would [devour]? Appreciate that particularly when I told them that but thinking's terribly overrated and the sooner we stop thinking, the better because we have access to wisdom, creativity, intuition, humor, if we allow the mind to be quiet, so that we can draw in the deep stillness that resides within us and indeed resides with your all of creation, so then we have access to draw on knowledge and information that isn't born of our own experience but is freely available to all of us. If our mind's quiet. You see it's impossible to have a fully pledged panic attack and do that practice at the same time, and the more you do that practice, the more you'll find the mind comes to rest and stays quiet. So it's not a thinking process of thinking about your posture, it's a very kinesthetic, you just make simply an awareness of posture, touch, texture, sound, taste, sensation, everything that's happening in the present moment.

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