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Guiding your children with lessons in life


__________Laurel__________ And to me when a child is able to articulate to their parent, this is what I need and were talking its mental health driven that speaks volumes about how brilliant these beings are it speaks volumes to we are ignoring what our children are telling us. And it's so simple the first thing I ask a parent when I, when they contact me is have you ask your child what he or she needs to best support them? __________Madison__________ And what is the-the answer usually to that? __________Laurel__________ No. (Giggles) what? They're six! They're five! Why would I ask a five year old if they know? Well funny enough, when I ask a five year old, what they think they-they need to support them, they can tell me. When they get to be teen-agers it's different they tell me I don't know well some know but the majority of them say I don't know and is because- __________Madison__________ They started growing and that they lose that. __________Laurel__________ They do. Because their centers of influence change and shift and change and shift trying change and shift who they are and so when a teacher says oh no don't do that, you should focus on this or parents says well don't do that way, why are you doing it that way, that's not how I taught you to do it the rant of the parents are absolutely correct but the child needs to experience what his or her way of doing it is so were constantly no don't do that trying to control everything trying to, you know and parents don't do it out of not loving their child they do the complete opposite. "I want to give them the best of everything, I wanted to give them the-the all the information I didn't have" And that's when I say to parent well how are they supposed to learn you can't give them everything because if you do that and they don't learn that sometimes what they think do, sense, feel, behave does not always work out in their favor they need to experience that, they go "ah that's a life lesson now I get it" or they won't say that being uh you know they need to have those types of life lessons so it's-it's-it's interesting but yeah the younger the kid the more, the more they know themselves.

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