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Breathing is the first and easiest way to do for someone who feel anxious


I recently receive a client and with a high level of anxiety. This person had a break down and so when I started to talk with her to understand better the situation I can still feel the presence of anxiety and everything was with dramatic words. So my first purpose was just to calm down, to slow down, and to help her to be more grounded. So I just asked her to breath, it's something that everybody can do, to breath slowly, deeply, and to repeat this 3, 4, or 5 times until the person is really more relaxed. And after that you can explain me the situation and for sure the emotions are still there and so it was a high in bound but at least I can understand really while the situation. So what I also enjoy to suggest is to do something that ground the person and when the person is more grounded, the anxiety is less or can disappear. The different way I use is massages, is crystals, but also I use the fluorescent seeds that will rub more on the psycho emotional level so the person can cope and manage [inaudible] their fault. The meditation is also a very good approach to manage anxiety. But they definitely relieve thing that you start with breath, is the first thing to do because if you have anxiety it could be anywhere. It could be when you are working, when you are at home, could be during the night, and to breath is something easy, very simple. The other way is also the fluorescent seeds and they really love this because this is just some drop that you ingest so you can take it anywhere, it's not a problem. After that, we need to understand in a better way what are the rules of the anxiety and it is another process. But basically starting with the breath, it's very simple and easy. For sure the different degree of anxiety but you can still use this trick to the children as well as adults.

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