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Practicing witch craft and communicating with spirits


What is a belief or attitude that I have that is strange or unique? Well, I have lots of strange and unique beliefs and attitude. Im a practitioner witch craft, Im a fortune teller, I believe that you can create your own destiny, I believe that there are many gods and goddesses thats pretty strange for a lot of people, I have a lot of unique and strange beliefs in the way that I live my everyday life I believe that I can interact with spirits the dead people, I believe there's magic in the universe (inaudible) happening right now all around us. These things are kind of strange for most people a lot of people gave up this beliefs in childhood and a time with me I love learning about the beliefs of others as well, I feel like everybody has an interesting and strange belief if you look at it from a unique point of view in yourself so, even the most ordinary person the most ordinary missionary showing up and knocking at my door I want to talk to them because to me their beliefs are strange and unique I find that fascinating how people can put together their idea, their universe in their head and have it exist and so you know my beliefs maybe strange and unique for others but for me their pretty ordinary.

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