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Consider that there are some benefits having your job


Hi, I'm Janietzche. So you hate the job. First, I would suggest that you consider that there are some benefits to you having this job. Number one, it is allowing you to generate some income which if you did not have the job you would not have. And if you did not have this income it would cause you probably financial stress and anxiety. So, this is definitely a big big plus and a benefit about your job. And just acknowledging and accepting to that can already begin to shift the way you feel about it. Secondly, if you really hate your job that badly, start looking for another job. Don't leave your job. Just allow yourself to explore what other opportunities and possibilities there are for you in the market place right now. So send your CV to some HR and agents start looking for the top of jobs that you would really like to do. If you don't know, that's a good time to sit down and really think about the type of profession and job that you would really enjoy. Whether you think that you would be able to get that job is irrelevant. Start thinking about it. Start developing clarity and focus within your mind and also emotions around this perfect job so to speak. Once you are able to clarify within yourself what you desire and what would make you happier. What would be most suitable for you. You are then beginning to allow yourself to bring that into your life. Then sit down and make a list of every single thing you hate about your job. Just make a list. Don't think about it. Don't edit it. Just make a list. And then on a separate piece of paper, make another list. All the things that you actually like about your job and about your profession. Surely, there must be something. If you think, there's nothing, I'm telling there are a few things. Think of it until you have a few things on your list. Once both of your list are complete, we are not trying to get an excessive listed. We're just wanting to bring that up. Wanting to show you the contrast. Once you have both your list, take it, tear it up throw it away or burn it, it's up to. Then what you can do after that is take another clean sheet of paper and then think about how until you find your perfect job or your next job that would be more enjoyable for you and think about how you can introduce a few things into your daily or into your work day that will allow you to have more fun at work and enjoy yourself more. It could be that one of main reasons why you hate your job is at the people. That you are not getting along with the people at work or there is one particular person who is making things unbearable for you. Cons that up, take a little time to get to know this person better. I promise you as soon as you start doing that, it will begin to shift. It will begin to shift your relationship with that person and energy. When you start showing an interest in people, in their lives, in their family, in what they like, in what they do in their spare time, they'll respond to you differently. So take these things and begin.

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