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Only you can decide when to do things differently


Im often asked this question in my practice as Behavioral coach, When should I come and see you?, Hmmn..I know you can answer that question. I know you can decide when you are ready to step up to the plate and start doing differently. There are two key words in this reply. The First one is doing , the other one is differently. Therefore, only you can decide if you are not happy with the way the you had been doing things in the past that is not working for you anymore and that you are now willing to start doing differently. In all fairness, we dont always know what we should do differently and how we do differently and that is the purpose of your coach or psychologist or your counselor or even your healer is to guide you and advice you on what you can do differently. But again, that stops with you and only you can decide if you are willing and prepared and capable of applying that what is the other person is advising you to do. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own life and only you, nobody else is. So, own your stuff and then you decide when you are ready to make a change, when you are ready to start doing differently, when you are willing and ready to start listening to otherwise of doing to other inputs. When you are ready to try to have a different life, to have the courage, just try something differently and that will lead to being different. That is the ultimate goal is. Life is about change and if we are not busy changing, we are busy growing if its as simple as that. We see that in the smallest plant that grows, in the smallest microorganism, if they are not busy changing, they are busy dying and therefore, it is vital that we change everyday of our lives. That we do something differently everyday and again, only you can decide when the time is ready, When what you have been doing is not working for you anymore. What can you do differently today?

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