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End your day with a positive note


This is such a great question because the most important relationship you will ever have in your life would be of yourself so it's really worth it to take the time check it up yourself love a little bit and I'm going to show you some ways to be that. I absolutely love writing less than appreciation I find that it have the power to really turn around a (inaudible) relationship the most challenging relationships we have in our lives you can turn around simply by focusing on things that we love about that person so this makes it a really powerful too but (inaudible) your own self love and self appreciation I recommend you get a journal specially for girls you know a really nice one that youre going to feel really good using that should be a treat in itself choosing this journal to express your own self love and the easy way again it's just you write 30 things that you like about yourself and if you stop you can ask some other people in your life just you know whatever you like about me or just begin by writing things that are people already told you and aim quick 30 now this could on any level physical, mental, emotional, spiritual just anything that you like about yourself write it down and then we're going to go back and chose one item that you missed and really focus on it (inaudible) so this is like a 30 day programming you're going to take this out you're and chose a different item per each day youll find this is going to have an easy way transformative effect on you and one way that really (inaudible) even more just to take your list and take the item that you selected for that day and read it to yourself in front of a mirror and it really just play about, pretend youre talking to someone else, pretend you're talking to your best friend when you just want them to really embrace this quality that you find so wonderful about them theyll feel afraid (inaudible) and go on and on and you should feel really good so you know smile at your reflection have some fun with this and you will see (inaudible) the reward of it because as you start radiating out this new positive attitude you're going to see it reflected in those around you and in your life circumstances that you draw in to yourself you know as you begin to treat yourself with more love and respect you will begin receiving the same from all the people around you it's like you set the bar of them but higher so to keep this going I suggest you do this process in the morning and remind yourself throughout the day at this wonderful quality that you're celebrating about yourself and then end of the day add a positive note as well. I like to go through the day and think about my thoughts excesses and depending on the day that can be something that's simple as brushing your teeth or maybe launching in your business or having a fabulous talk that you did today could be anything but just find five things and celebrate them before you go off to sleep, another variation of this is to select your most golden moment on the day so it's a matter of (inaudible) as you directing off to sleep but (inaudible) of your day and finding that more little jam that really made you just smile just to think of it maybe you witness something that made you feel very good like a mother or father interacting in a positive way with their little one or maybe it's something someone (inaudible) that day but just reflect that and review it in your mind and feel as much gratitude as you possibly can just let it radiate out on you and this is such a lovely vibration that go gets sleep by and as you sleep your self-consciousness going to continue working on that idea and you're going to find that when you wake up in the morning you already feeling pretty darn good you're already free yourself in having a wonderful day but give that a time and Id love getting your results now this works for you (inaudible).

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