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How yoga affects our lives


Umang: They're also tied up together. So, if you are so fidgety, how are you going to do a meditation practice? If you don't know how to breathe, how are you going to be able to do your yoga practice right? And, if you don't know how to meditate and breathe right, again, the yoga aspect will not give you the maximum benefits. And, if you're not eating right, chemically, you are not sound. So, when I do this evaluation consultation, you know, they may come into my physical practice, they may go into the meditation practice, they may go into the nutrition course that I offer, a 12 weeks, 90 days nutrition course, where it is about educating and empowerment, not about weight loss. It is a by-product, absolutely a by-product. Fat percentage is the by-product losing. But, they come in... JJ: You do a comprehensive evaluation. Umang: Absolutely. That's what we do. It's a comprehensive evaluation. I have to tell you, I don't know how many people I have taught how to laugh because we end every session with laughter yoga, every session. Umang: And, how to de-stress, and not only that, again, how to manifest what you desire, what you dream because we do... Also, before the laughter, we do the ((shavasana)). We do yoga nidra different parts of the body to calm down, to relax, to give in, to release, and then do some visualization exercise, make sling seats and letting them think. Again, they are bound to think for them... Just like for example, I will say, I would literally tell you, I will say one of the visualization exercise could be, "Imagine you are on the white sandy beaches of Australia." JJ: Australia, they have white sandy beaches, of course. Umang: Guess what? Because I've been there. I lived the 20 happy years of my life, so it comes out just like that. And, then, you are sitting on your beach chair, and just closing your eyes, letting the nice, gentle breeze soothe you. It's beautiful on your skin. The ocean in front of you is very calming. And, then, imagine the white beach turned into a white, blank white canvas ready for your painting. Imagine your mind turn into a beautiful silky brush, paint brush ready to paint, and imagine a palette full of beautiful colors, and then bring to the forefront that one dream, one desire, one thing that's coming from the core of your heart will paint away. And, so, I take them through this kind of exercise. I could make them think about... You know, imagine their mat has turned into a magic carpet. The lighter they feel, the higher they rise. You know, it's so many different kind of visualization techniques I do. And, it is all... The aim is... They may even not realize what is going on. They may just feel relaxed. My aim is to impact their mind. My aim is to impact their very core of their being. Why am I here? Who am I? What is (inaudible) my life?

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