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Every individual is unique


Well, Im very happy to talk about, you know, your belief or your attitude that can be unique. Strengths? Not for sure because you know, there is nothing strengths if we dont put any judgment on it. I think thats the key, not to put any judgment on our belief or on our attitude that it just different. Why do we have to conform? Why would we have to conform to anything that everybody else believe in? It doesnt matter. We dont have to be part and recognized by the group if we dont want to. What is important is that you shine. You know what? Out of 300 million sperm, there is one after the egg and who is that ? You know, its you. So, you are super unique and there is nobody that have exactly the same DNA as you. So therefore, it is important to top in that uniqueness. It is important to top into what we believe in every unique individual. So, therefore, yes we are influenced, totally influenced by media, by what is around us, our family, our {inaudible}, values, church, whatever. You name it. Everything has created and conditioned us to believe in certain way. So now, the key is to unfold the real you within and thats what I once talked about, you see, I wrote this book, Be different. Be you. Its a little book. Its a book that really helps you to understand attraction. It is a book that is made of exercises . Its more like a companion and that you can work with . Its something that you wanna go back to or read it. Just one book that you quick read and that something that enable you to top into uniqueness and to shine with. So, I invite you to read it. You can acquire it only as ebook on and Im happy to also help you to consider go deeper into uniqueness and shine with it within, shine with it as well as I reach you on the website as well or the So, be a part of what I do in helping people to be as {inaudible} they want or as unique as they want . This is great and be able to differentiate yourself from the masses because thats where youre gonna be{inaudible} making a different scenario that people like by being who you are. So, I have my own belief, I believe its you for instance and Im very optimistic and positive and I think thats what make you unique for {inaudible} of pessimistic but I can be in a group of very optimistic and {inaudible} that unique. It all depends with whom you compare yourself too and its not about comparing, its about being really able to harness the uniqueness that youre made of. So, I encourage you to just {inaudible} promote this special you and to discover it and go for it. So, I believe, yes I believe in extra terrestrial l life. I believe, we are not the only one in the universe and I know many people believe that too and some others, dont at all. So, look at things. I believe in human being and I believe in a better world. I believe that tomorrow or the day after, were gonna live in a much better place. So, are you willing to be part of that? And thats my contribution with this little video , is to change the world for a better place and I believe in that so whether you believe it.

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