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Notice nature


I decided to do this when I was about 31 years old, 32, living in Pittsburgh, PA running a mental health system. Im very stresssed out, very youthful, young, motivated, spirited, energized. However, internal chatter, my mind, in doing this , doing that after a while begin missing things, important aspects of your life because its not calm and quiet. What is nature? Just sit outside and watch the sunset, morning or the sunrise. Its a calming sensation. Just observing beauty of nature can experience that..ok, once we start meditating, its like an internal massage. We sought on everything, we quiet everything. It matches all of our systems when were calm and quiet. With all the internal activity going on, Im surprised there arent more accidents and injuries, collisions and trouble . Perhaps this is why humanity is always struggling and fighting with one another and competing and trying to win this or that. When in argument, what do you win? Lose an argument, what do you lose? An argument, the contradiction. Our egos are always in contradiction, in a natural contradiction, in a perfect contradiction. Theyre always presenting themselves one way or another. In fact, we see ourselves as good, bad, right, wrong, short, small, tall, smart, damn. So rise in a critical state of confusion for the most part and what meditation does, it allows us to calm and quiet those internal contradictions. Theyre so quick. Theyre so sharp. They been developed over mind for {inaudible} years so I developed my {inaudible} contradictions very well and I start believing in them until I started meditating and just observing the rise and fall of my breath initially. Its called the Vipassana meditation. And just observing, sitting and observing the rise and fall and not doing anything, not letting anything and nothing to do but just sit and observe the quiet and calm of our mind and our breath guides us there. One of my teachers said that our breath and our breathing guides our rhythms in life. They guide our rhythms, they become our rhythms, the breath and the breath services all the systems in your internal organism right to the cellular level so by relaxing our breath, we relax all the organs. We relax even the cellular nervous system thats extremely active and attentive and all the senses. All the senses they work for us, and when they dont we bump in the things, we get injured, we get angry and upset where those self emotions take off and we just lose it. So, man, thank you God for guiding me to meditation because theres nothing quite..It doesnt cost anything. Its free. Your breath does the work . Id be happy to hear from you. I have a forum. I have a website. Im very active working with injured warriors, helping them enjoy nature using this method I just introduced to you here now. So I just like to close by saying, Notice for a moment, just a cool air coming into your nostrils. Just notice.

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