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Improving your inner self can help make your outer experience more


__________James Williams__________ I think you know it's certainly it yes um its important you know if you're gonna jump on the brass rings, it's important to do that any work to help you stay up on the rings and to build a swing or do whatever else you want to do and then more to staying embrace the cold rub, than sit and be unhappy with it. Um so do you know the, the I-inner work can help to make the outer experience a-a lot more enjoyable you know cause really our outer experience it's all just an expression of our consciousness anyway. __________James Williams__________ Sometimes people are unaware of what could come up until they do step into it until they do-do it then they experience highlight some of the things that um they may wish to kind of work with on the inside um to be able to make the outer experience of you know withstand in the cold more enjoyable so yeah maybe some people needed to do their inner first um to make the, make the outer approachable others maybe just need to go in like you said and do the uh just go in to the cold and then be aware of it believes about know, waiting to be by nice warm fire the whole I wanted to see the sun you know it __________J.J. Thiret__________ Yeah. __________James Williams__________ 10 months of the year and then it changed that. __________J.J. Thiret__________ I guess it's like swimming you either, dip your little toe in there and feel uh and test the water and feel how cold it is or you just jump right in the water. __________James Williams__________ (giggles) That's a fun analogy yeah-yeah different approaches and they could work for different people. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Either one you're gonna get wet right? __________James Williams__________ Right it's just how much and how quickly. (giggles)

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