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There are a million simple things that you can do to feel better about yourself


Hi, I'm Janietzche. There are million things, simple things that you can do to feel better about yourself. I've had many days, many movements where I really felt like crap. And these are some of the techniques that worked for me. So, the first make a decision. Make a decision that you are going to feel better. That you feel better now. Sounds weird, sounds simple but when you make that decision, something changes within you. And the change begin to reflect within you. You begin to feel better. Before you know it, you really are better. Also, ever heard of the saying take it tell you make it? Well, when you fake something, the subconscious does not understand that you're faking it. You are performing an action and so it takes it as real. So, some of the things that you can fake in order to gain yourself feeling immediately a lot better is just start laughing. Yes, initially. When you do start laughing, you won't feel it. However, when you continue, you will find that within a few minutes, you are actually feeling better. Your body feels that you are laughing. So it begins to generate those feelings that you generally have when you are laughing. Try it, it works. This is my favorite. When you are in your car and you just really need a release. Try screaming out loud at the top of your voice, from your belly, let it go. You'll be amazed at the release and how good you feel afterward. It's an instant way to shift your energy. Start other things that work too. Take a shower. Do your hair, put some make up. Put on something that you know you look really really good in. It's an instant lift to your mood. To your energy. And as that happens, you begin to feel better. Go outside, smell a rose. You cannot possibly smell a fragrant rose and not begin to feel better. I am absolutely convinced about this. Maybe no science behind it but anyway smell a rose. Go find something that appeals to your sense of beauty. That looks your vibration and energy. And immediately you start to feel better. Ask yourself a question. Is there anyone, anywhere on this planet that feels worse than I do right now? Who has circumstances worse than mine right now. And I can promise you the answer to that question will always be no. And in fact, if you start doing some research on the matter, you will come across some really eye opening stories that will allow you to see that number 1: you are not alone; number 2: there are others who are a lot worse than you are. And when you begin to acknowledge that, you begin to generate an appreciation for the fact that your circumstances are not as bad as you thought they were. And this, in itself, begins to generate the feeling of you feeling better. Also, things like catching yourself, hiding yourself. Ask anyone to give you a hike. Touch can be a very healing and releasing experience and if you just have someone to give you a hug, automatically, it begins to shift that energy and it begins to raise your consciousness to a space where you can begin to feel better about yourself. Again these are all very simple and superficial but they work. Try rebounding. Rebounding for two or three minutes. There is something about it that vibrates the energy throughout your physical body, your emotions and your energy can feel and instantly begin to feel better. And then finally, if all else fails, find someone who doesn't mind having the blues with you. So if you have really good friends, sit down, grab a glass of wine, and just be with them.

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