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Helping each other to become better people


After the problem I had, I can think of 3 secrets to a healthy relationship that most people are sadly unaware of. One, is that healthy relationship often looks very strange and that's because for me, marriage is like a rock tumbler. It smooths up my rock edges and and it rubs everything that my husband is trying to improve in himself. So that means that as we make to keep each other , as we strive to be better people, we're gonna have a rough time of it and that's ok. That allows us time to review better times and also to reconnect as a married couple. The 2nd secret to a healthy relationship is that compromise is really overrated. If you always dead on meeting in the middle then you are not gonna meet very often. You're gonna have to stretch yourself and go above and beyond what you think is reasonable in order to show your commitment to finding peace and harmony. And in return, your partner is going to stretch himself or herself in ways that aren't comfortable also and over time, it may even out but if you are keeping score, that's a kind of a problem. And the 3rd secret to a healthy relationship most people are sadly unaware of is that if you go to a relationship counselor or coach, it's not the end of the world . It's not something that people go to you , when you're planning divorce, its something that healthy people can think as well. Find extra resources to help your marriage or to help your relationship if that's going to be helpful for you without any feelings of guilt or hysteria at the idea that the relationship is failing if you need some help.

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