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Non-pathologizing approach in psychotherapy


__________Timothy Hayes__________ This overarching theory of how to deal with people in therapy from a non pathologizing approach and then specific tools for how to help people if they get stuck resolve theeffects of past traumaled me into thenuhm...the neuro emotional technique which uses knowledge of the acupuncture meridians and and applied kinesiology to track down where in a person's energy system theymight have disconnects or traumatic energy stockand help them reconnect it and dissolve the energy and from there, not too many years after that EFT came on the sceneand that uses the same knowledge of the acupuncture meridians and teaches people to give themselvesand acupressure treatment for anything that bothers them physically, mentally or emotionally and so i got trained in that. It basically was a no brainer it was the same thing as the neuro emotional technique only that was me teaching peoplesomething they could do on their own and they wouldn't need me to help ?erdiagnose which meridian was disruptedand they could use it as a tool between sessionsand i have ever since then been teaching it to every one of my patients whosewilling because it empowers them...and and to work in the session and between sessions.

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