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Choosing joy over the absolute truth


_________Jason Sugar___________ It's about the idea that, it's kind of like the Plutonian, mechanistic view of the world, uh, sort of for the last hundred years, or so, we've, man has, mankind has viewed the world as, or that view of the world, as things are the way they are independent of ourselves. So, I could be here, or I could not be here, and things still are the way they are, and the new view, sci, from scientific view, anyways, from, form quantum mechanics is, which I know very, a little bit about, is that the observer and the observed rise together meaning that, in that sense, there is no absolute reality. Reality is very much co-created by us. Some might even say completely created by us, um, like the Buddhists would say, "It is the mind that creates this reality." _________Madison Stern___________ would you say that "absolute truth" is subjective to that individual that's looking at it? _________Jason Sugar___________ Well, that's, yeah, that's my point that I'm adver-, rather than being absolute, that's a point of view. It's another point of view. Uh, rather than truth being absolute, the perspective of the observer or me or you, uh, it's very much subjective and very much created, or co-created, by us and by our point of view. If I look at light through this way, through this lens, through this point of view, reality will be this way. If I look through this way, reality will be very different, and there's all kind of levels on which that is true. Um, so just, so coming from a world where I thought in terms of life, there is an absolute truth, and I either know it or I don't, and my job is to figure it out, and I hope I figure it out, and I hope I learn it, because, if not, I'm gonna go to Hell, and I'm gonna burn forever, so that kind of, uh, so that context that I came from. So, I've let go of that idea that there is absolute truth. I'm not saying, absolutely, that it's not true. That would be absolute again, but I'm letting that, I've let that go, and now I think in terms of point of view, in terms of truth being created by me to a great extent, and I choose, inside of that, choose joy being what I pay attention to I coach people, because I, so much more is possible - more joy is possible, more freedom is possible, more inspiration is possible. That's what, if someone wants to create more of that in their life, that's what I want to help create. because joy is a positive thing. It's a thing that I want. There's nothing to fix, change, or, or, you know, solve. That's not what drives me. What drives me is what brings me joy. What brings me joy and what brings other people joy, and that's what I keep my eye on, and that's what gives me the quality of life that I wanna, that I wanna have.

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