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Benefits of a 15-minute meditation


The first thing I do with all of my clients is have them schedule 15 minutes of meditation a day. Thats it. And all it takes to recharge, to tuned-in to your body, to clear out the clutter in your head, to get your emotional state into a place of serenity, relaxation and contentment. Fifteen minutes is the greatest gift you can give yourself.So, how do you that? How do you schedule 15 minutes a day? Well, the first thing is schedule it, put I t on your calendar, you are most likely to take part on 15 minutes of meditation . When its on your calendar you will hold it sacred for you. So, how do you do 15 minutes of meditation? You might consider doing it before you even get out of bed in the morning. Have your meditation music nearby or if its just quiet place and theres nothing to disturb you, no other household members or pets just to relax, still your mind, just concentrate breathing in and out through your heart and just feel your body totally relaxed. Another way is perhaps your household is too busy or you just like that extra 15 minutes as loose time so consider driving to a park or maybe in the parking where you work or your first appointment, wherever you might be and use 15 minutes in the car in the same way. Listen to music, guided cd or just get in to the active practice of learning to still your mind. Another time of day that works really well for a lot of people is right before they go to bed. Fifteen minutes before they turn off the electronics, maybe have a nice cup of tea, they might light the candle and they just listen to this beautiful music for 15 minutes or they just sit in stillness for 15 minutes and they go to bed then with a clear energy, a clear mind and they have a clear relaxing sleep. What other thought during the day? Its what I called the really quick 3 minute stress reducer, emotional reset, whatever youd like to call it. It is so simple. Heres how it works, if you put your hand on your heart and you just breath in, close your eyes and breath in and breath in to your heart and breath out through your heart. Just focus on breathing in and out through your heart. And as you breath in, think of a beautiful place or thing or person that brings you just joy and serenity. Breath in and breath out and just feel that beautiful place or thing that bring you that joy and that serenity and that contentment. And the cool part about this is you can do it even in a meeting when perhaps youre kind of whats going on or feeling stressed over or just needing a quick break and you just kind of fold your hands like this and got to breath in and out. Knowing that even those thats what youre doing . So, I hope you will find this very helpful in many ways in which you can insert easily meditation into your very busy life.

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