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Opening your spiritual world and finding the answers to anything


______Kyla Tustin_______ the way i guess, i step down out of the corporate and got into the world of health and wellness that i work in now, is that it was thru that own journey myself, i was highly successful, i was working equities, i have a beautiful home and a loving partner but i went thru a crisis with a friend, uhm, killing himself, and that through that journey it really opened up me up to start questioning more, okay, this is all fine, but where's the substance, where's the depth, and i think always felt that there's a part of me missing from much, but never really understood what that was, and i think that what's going on now is that thru the energies of 2012 where we taken ourselves, a lot people are starting to question "why am i here", and the ? Is that we're not here to wake up, go to work 9 to 5, come home cook dinner and go to bed and start than kind of ? day, were actually here to gain substance, to dissolve, and to grow and evolve within ourselves so thru my own journey when i started to ask i guess those questions and peel back the mask of who i thought was, as compared to who i really was, i found that there was a vulnerability, and inside, there was this whole spiritual world which you might probably early 20s i totally closed down to, because i think i have been hurt so many times, but when i really started to open it, i felt strong and i felt connected, and i think, that's what is going on at the moment, there is a lot of people are on this journey of looking outside of themselves for help, to support, when really deep inside is everything that we need, and it becomes very important from a business sound, from personal, from relationship point of view, trust and they do not understand, and to know ourselves deeply, so that we don't get shaken by the what's going in the world around us and all the3 stress that is out there, but also all of the change and the transition that is going on, and so it's, I'm finding at the moment, more and more people are coming to me before break down point, which is actually quite nice, they're actually coming at the time where they're just started to say "i want more", and i worked quite a lot of new moms as well, i think that's a whole part that we forget about sometimes in society that it's so much pressure on family these days, on husbands, and mothers and everybody just keeping things together that thru that journey, people feel like they lose a part of themselves, and, then they start to feel really alone even they can be surrounded by family and friends because they've lost that connection to their spirit and, and to who they are inside, and then another part of their loose that maybe running limiting beliefs and programs that have been created at the young age that are making them not feel worthy, and i say to clients that no matter what they stick through my door, or even if i step through their door, when it comes down to it, most of the time when we're working, were working on self-love and self-worth, because through that journey we just can open up to that untapped wisdom that is within us, and find the answers to anything that is going on in our lives, from health and issues, to physical things, to emotional things, to even things that are just going on in our environment, like maybe the loss of the job, but all of it being ? Impacted by the internal world that's going on inside of us

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