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Energy healing is truly effective and we possess the power of healing


I believe energy healing totally works and (inaudible) this because I've used craniosacral therapy before or reike like I've done that kind of stuff and I find that pretty fast nudging and amazing to observe the shifts that happen but I become a firm believer when I actually personally went through a pretty crazy experience like I, I was up to about doing I was like trying to get to Mt. Everest not to the top but just to the base camp and I ended up getting something called cerebral edema which is when your brain swells due to the high altitude and (inaudible) doesnt sound fun I know and it wasnt fun and it was torture though but that was whole another video what ended up happening is they flew me down to china eventually and I ended up having some brain damage and my cerebellum had hit my skull and caused me to basically not be able to move properly I've felt like I was drunk and hang over at the same time every single day for about two months and you know all the doctors are like well we don't (inaudible) fully recover and you supposed to be happy that you're alive and I was staying in China because they said you're not fit to fly back home so what I ended up do well, I laid on the bed the whole time and I try to watched TV if there's only a couple of channels that where in English so I just sat there most of the time meditating and when I got into deep meditation the area that my brains injured actually heat up like heated up so much it felt like it was on fire like it was burning and you know intuitively I felt like I had healed it myself, I felt like because within a month of doing that and being able to eventually fly home I healed it completely and the doctors we're absolutely amazed I mean it was like getting a hard core concussion that you now without the impact and they we're just shock that not only was I feeling better but I was back traveling again like less than two months after the accident and so I'm a firm believer that we have amazing powers yes we can ask other people to perform these things but never under estimate your own power and meditation and everything that it was about and I'm not saying that meditation itself was the tool but there was something that I was doing through meditations that allow the healing to happen and so yes I am a huge believer and I believe we all have the skills to do it.

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