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The importance of understanding emotional intelligence


I am very happy to talk to you about Emotional Intelligence and really dig in because I'm fascinated by this world of emotion is made of and every human being is highly emotional. And we don't even know we are constantly reacting because of emotions and all that. And, you know, I've been studying emotional intelligence since '99 but I started [inaudible] emotional intelligence as a doctor in '99 and as a business coach as well. And I'm using emotional intelligence awareness since then in my own life as well as well as my business life helping others to uncover to that amazing world of emotion. Yes, and as I was saying, every human being is highly emotional and some people manage emotion better than others. And it's not overrated because we are not taught at school how to deal with emotion. Yes, we're supposed to be productive, we're supposed to be good at math or at languages or business (inaudible) and all that and we forget the world of emotion which is exactly what we're made of. I created an emotional intelligence workshops to help maximize fulfillment at work and also helping people in my coaching business to be better communicators because all thanks to their emotional management and better understanding of how it works. So basically, you have to see that emotion is a good thing. It's a good thing because it saves us from different situations - from dangerous situations. There is gland called the (inaudible) that is actually a gland that's really release all kinds of chemical to protect us. So you know, flight and fight situations and the emotion (inaudible) reacts to that right away and it can save us from many situations. But it also can be on the other hand damaging if we are too reactive and not controlling of our emotions. You know, we call that emotional hijack. So, if you are in a situation wherein somebody push your buttons then you blow up and then you blow up and then of course kind of sorry afterwards and that's the typical reaction of the hijack emotion hijack. So, the emotional intelligence is about understanding our self. That is the first beginning. The second is to have empathy and understanding how the other people feel and then therefore adapting our conversation, adapting our emotions in order to create a better link - create a bridge basically between two people or between a group and you and all that. So emotional intelligence is really paramount, I would say, even in people's relationships - as a parent, as a co-worker, or as a leader of course, and in your personal relationships. So it really turns on it's really important on any level. So I would suggest you to read up on emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman was one of the many that wrote books that he was one of the first that wrote a book on emotional intelligence. And one of the many work on emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence (inaudible) he write also a pretty good book on emotional intelligence. It was (inaudible) you're gonna find it. Anyway, you can also contact me directly and we can set up a program to raise your level of emotional intelligence and to help you have a better life, manage life better but also reduce your stress and become a better communicator. So I'm looking forward to hearing from you. My phone number or my email address would be as well as my website and my email address is, my phone number, sorry, is 4169198466. 4169198466. Looking forward to talking to you directly and create a new awareness about emotional intelligence and it's simply not overrated. It's needed. We need to learn to understand that type. So looking forward and talk to you soon.

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