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Affirmations are very powerful reminders


Ok. So, here are some quick things people can do to feel better about themselves and it's a matter of really moving yourself into a better and better version of yourself. This is a much bigger, deeper way of connecting with self but there's a few things you need to do. First of all, while you are feeling fairly good, make a list of all these things you enjoy doing; going for a walk, exercising and meditating, reading a good book, sitting down relaxing for a few moment, everything whatever it is. Working in the yard. Whatever it is that pleases you, that brings you joy, that brings you sense of connection with self, with the world, with everything that is. Make a list of all those things. Keep it on the fridge once you have 10-15 things and simply know that every time you feel bad, go and do one of those things .While you feel that kind at that moment or not, it will make you feel better. That's my first tip. My second very important tip is take it to the next step and see what is it that that I want to feel like. What is it that I want to have in my life? And start writing affirmations. Affirmations are powerful, very powerful reminders. If you have a hard time with starting with affirmations, go on the web and find some rally wonderful affirmations thatll resonate with you and start with them and start creating your own. There are a few important tips you need to make in writing good affirmations. First of all, make them as if youre feeling them right now, that's number one. Number two; make sure its all positive. Don't like, I don't want or I don't feel always mood, not what you're moving away from, what you're moving towards, okay? And then number there; make sure it feels right to you. If you need to, rewrite it, rewrite it again. Usually, when I write my own affirmation, I write it and take a whole page, write 5, 6,7,10 variations until Im happy with it. Once you write that variation, that version that you enjoy, use it. Say it everyday and within a very short time, you will feel it and you will know it is there and you will actually have it.

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