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Money-let it flow


______________________Leona Wallace__________________ Yeah, and it is energy, money is the only energy and the people could just get that, it is so simple, but we've done this we've held on to is so tight. Just think about it, the people on charge will hold on to it so tight, the people serge on panic will hold on to it so tight, and what happen? They lost it! They died! It's gone! Because we didn't let it flow. Its energy is supposed to flow, it is supposed to flow and continuously flowing. It's not for us to hold on to. Flow! So we need to relearn how flow, we need to relearn how to let that energy flow, so if I say I don't have the actual dollars in my hands and I still requires service, what do you have, that I could exchange for? Oh, well, then years are just going, huh, look at! The other's getting it, right? She gets it. That starts to flow and so what's been happening next? Money showing up in the actual paper form now, so now people are that energy is taking from the money. It is just relearning a new system of doing things. Letting it flow, don't hold on too tight, don't try and cut off the oxygen do it, right? Because it will just die, let it flow!

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