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Change profession if you can


[I think if some in you], can shift and change, then change professions. If that [inaudible] and you need to set goals to get to who you want to be and it will get you into a space that you enjoy and an environment that you want to be in then set those goals and set the time frame and make sure they are realistic. If it something that you cannot get out of, whether that is a perceived reality or actual reality, my advice] would be find some other outlet that balances that out. I think anybody where you spend that much time is that will do in a working environment to absolutely hates that environment. It's not a healthy space for you to be in. And it is not good for your self-esteem. So if you can shift that will change. That will [inaudible] in immediate future. Look at finding other outlets that balances that out. Whether that spending time with your friends. Spending time doing what you are passionate about. And expand those other avenues. And then maybe find another approach to the environment that you are in. If it is something that you hate to figure out what it is that you hate about. I mean to say that you hate something is quiet [inaudible] statement often and if it is of administration if they can if you can delegate that or if you can get assistance with that. But look for other avenues as suppose to just saying more you hate the environment. Again it goes back to the attitude with what we approach anything. I think if you come from a negative space. And it's been a constant negative space, it's going to be a very hard habit to break. If it's more than a habit, find every alternative that you can to shift that and get out of the environment. To spend all that amount of time and energy in that environment that really isn't a happy one, life is just too short, quiet frankly to spend doing something you just passed.

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