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Remove your fear and you can break the anxiety pattern


Okay, what advice you guys give someone who feels anxious all the time and how can they break the pattern Obviously, if you have been poisoned or if you have bearable for so many years. Hey, if you don't think you can be conscientious with the security of law. It's just a law. You have been feeling [inaudible]. You've been [inaudible] with negativity. That's not mean it is your fault because you may have attract the expense comically the parents of friends of laws that's supposed to messed you up emotionally. You have attract the people under this circumstances that brought you to feel anxious and insecure as well that you don't understand very well. However, these are lessons. These are lessons to tough you out. And you didn't well of those, instead you becoming more, more a magnet for failure and anxieties. And now what I got to do now? How do I clear myself from all that? All you need to do is trust those who are willing to help you with your education and then you can start from self [inaudible]. Now how can you break the pattern. Well, first of all, you have to realize what is making you anxious. Most of the time it will be because of the planet Saturn which is the field of support resides in one specific house. It could be on your health, so you're going to be anxious about your health. It could be on your money area, then you're going to be anxious about your money. It could be anything, it could be located anywhere. Then it could also be in all the area of your chart, or your UCI, your unique celestial identity that are [inaudible]. So the idem is once you draw where the anxiety come from then now you can apply your realm by fighting it and doing the right thing. You're going to do adapt to your correct behavior. And you're going to reveal the pattern with my guidance as to beat anxiety. There's no reason for you to be anxious. You're not living when you're anxious. It's a miserable life. If God knows how many of you all there watching behind in every single day, all you got to do is seek a chance and find out what is the reason for this anxieties, for this insecurities, for all this fears and then make it clear for you. I mean I'm not going to clear that. I'm not going to fix anybody, I don't do that, okay? You, you, you are going to fix yourself. I can give you the tools, you have to do the whole work. You can not make me responsible if you can't either digest my work, understand my work, or make a good use of my work. You can't make me responsible because they got tons of people who did that before you and they all think I did the right thing for them. Alright, so, I just want to close in you, there are also people who sold it, dealt with it, it's impossible to return them beside when you have some people that are so righteous, bridges important to the core. The fear is being crashes. There are children like there for [inaudible] that's impossible to reverse. So it's going to be a waste of life to live in fears. Breaking the pattern is not a difficult thing to do because once you remove the fear, the pattern is removed with it. And you can start to write on a different path and build up a much more productive pattern so that you can establish your emotional, financial, spiritual, [inaudible]. Because trust me when I came in this country in 1984 miles away from my family, I was scared. Oh gosh, that I couldn't return because my return ticket was not for a [inaudible] so I find it that way. So I knew I was going to be attacked and then you have survive all alone. And everything attached turned gold because I have a wisdom that I applied and I have faith. And I have God and angels, the light working on my side. That's why I am now able to help to clear off of your anxiety and offering you a new pattern for life.

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