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Energy healing practices can be effective but not always


What are your views on energy healing practices such as reike, quantum touch, {inaudible} therapy, etc.? Well, I think that energy healing practices can be real. I think they exist .I work with energy a lot in my religious practice and I know that it has worked for me before for healing. But that doesnt mean that every energetic healing practitioner is going to be honest or competent and some of them might have a mixture of dishonesty and incompetence. So, regardless of their ability, youre going to want to use energy healing practices in {inaudible} with natural or western healing techniques. So, I think thats energy healing practices are great add-on therapy and efficient to your {inaudible} medical needs. But its not a good idea to trust them exclusively, much of that is because that energy needs a conduit in order to work and if youre not trying to heal yourself through many means and heal yourself as a whole individual, then you might not find success even if you have the whole powerful energy at your disposal.

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