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Connect with the people you love to feel better


If you're better about yourself, let's help others to feel better about themselves. So the secret here really is to connect with people. I used to go through times where I didn't feel great about myself, about life in general. And my wife was just Hey! Bring them up. Bring someone out. Bring a friend out. And I would bring them out. And I would talk. I would connect and I would listen to their life and it would take me out with my own life. My own little wood that I've created in my heat. So going out of my shelf and connecting with others was a huge [inaudible]. So I think they can make a big difference right now to feel better about yourself. Connect with people who give you energy, people who you have like about, people you love. Connect with them. That's one thing. And the other one is helping other people. You know, it doesn't take long to realize when talking with someone or spending the time with them, sitting in the garden or the back yard or waking in the street, that all of us really are carrying something. You know, we're carrying something we share and with all people. In this life it's not always easy. Or hasn't always been easy. Or some [inaudible] inspire us. Whatever it is, you can connect with your own life experience. So reaching out to others, helping others, listening to others is one way to feel good about yourself. And that doesn't right but it is right. Another one really was something that I kind of discovered on my own. That was to give a life. Ask yourself. Why do I love? What in my life so far is really taking me away somewhere a positive place. It's just wonderful! I'm in the reading of a play of the Brazilian [inaudible] biography. [Inaudible] my life and a beautiful game. In a recent biography and I was so inspired by him. His life and how many times he came back from [inaudible] from [poverty] from losing the great life that he had. That inspired me. And I remembered reading this and being inspired by it. I feel great just recalling those memories of how was it first reading meant to me. So it inspired me to be with the person, to appreciate the life that I have, to feel good about myself. So for calling, concrete times in your history that you felt good and what it was that help you feel good. It was by inspired by [inaudible] by the person that he was and [inaudible], by the challenges he ever came. That was inspirational. Accidentally, it's one of another great thing that you can do is to read a book. To read about someone else's life. To read about someone who is kind of in the rock but real. I read about [inaudible] biographies. And that inspired me and moved me to go and lived in one of the communities. So I moved from New Zealand. And I made connections through writing to some of your brothers in ministry, brothers in charity in England and also in Los Angeles. And I read more about the communities. So I ended up living with them for 2 months from coming to Los Angeles. We went down to Mexico and I met [inaudible] it was a very powerful experience and it's very evident. You can see the way how it taught me. And then after that, when I finished my experience, [inaudible] to Los Angeles. None suggest to that. I go and visit my Canadian relatives. So I went and visit my Canadian relatives. My grandmother was Canadian and carried out to New Zealand. So you can see that simple thing of reading this inspirational biography, reading someone else's life, kind of lifted me [inaudible]. Another one was research first as a therapist. Exercise a walk, not reflecting in a beach, not thinking your problems, just walk, just take your body out and move it. And you'll feel great. Five minutes, 18 minutes once a day.

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