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To be happy just be in the moment.


So, what then can cause us to have happiness? Absolutely nothing. Happiness is uncaused. Its your natural state of being. Its only when we let stress get in the way of our happiness that we feel unhappy. So, to be happy just be in the moment. One of the simple ways to do that is to focus on your breath. Just notice the inhalation and exhalation that focuses you on your body. Next that we can do is to also focus on the information coming in through your senses, so such as anything that youre eating, anything that youre seeing, what youre hearing and also what you touch as well. And also you can make a note of any aromas that are around you. So, its about engaging in the senses. An d what that does is that it enables you to completely engage in what youre doing. That allows then your force and any strong feeling that gradually dissipates so that you really get into the moment and you really enjoy the activity that youre doing, thats another way to be happy. Lets see what else do I got here. Do what brings a smile to your face. Do you know what brings a smile to your face? If youre unsure, you dont have a very long list then sit down, pause the video, make a list right now. Talk it out on the screen if you need to or write it down in a piece of paper. Think back to some things that you used to do in the past that you really enjoyed. If that involve other people then maybe find a group of people online, contact some friends and see if theyll join you or if its just a solitary activity, so you feel somebodys more introverted then make a list of those things too. Lets see what else. Show love to other people. Thats the next thing thats on this list here. And if you have specific skills or talents , then often, those things will help to connect you with the moment because when you usually get on your skills then youre kind of truly expressing who you are and when you truly express who you are, you are very much more likely to be in the moment and to be happy. So, share your gift to others. Show them love. Tell them that you love them. And when you show them love, show it through our actions, so that your words and your actions are congruent so they are reliant. And, lets see, I think I have one more here. The 6th one is to determine what your own needs are, whether you are meeting them. And if you cant meet them, whether someone else can meet them and whether you can also help meet someone elses needs. So, for example, your needs for food, water, sleep, safety, physical safety and shelter. What about your needs for sex, your need for relationship with other people that are warm and meaningful and you feel connected to them? What about also your needs for intellectual stimulation? And the desire to contribute to other people in a way that is so satisfying to you that youd always do it for thing. Some people can do this for their work and other people can do it just for leisure, leisure activities. The choice is yours. Do you realize that happiness is about being in the now? Its all about achieving some goals which may happen in one week, three months, three years time. Its about right now. So, enjoy right now. Connect with yourself now though your breathe and your body and your senses and observe any thoughts and feelings but observe them without engaging in them, without engaging in their rumination. Just sit and watch them as if you are sitting back and observing a soccer match show or something unfold in front of you. Youre an audience member watching but not engaging. Thank you for watching.

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