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Learning through a native community and living a balanced life


____________Laurel: Okay____________ everything in my life is always happened accidently so including my coaching work um, twenty plus years ago I was invited or actually applied for a job um, yeah on a-a native community uh in close to my home so I live about 45 minutes outside of Toronto, in a little a town wild side city but a city called Burlington and um a few minutes further west of us is um, is an-an native reserve and so I actually applied to do a job, uh working with native Canadians that were re-entering the work force after whatever you know somewhere um, tsk you know had had been on disability somewhere um, you know mothers re-entering the workforce and that's kind of how I got into coaching was helping people really understand um, there, there purpose and you know I know that when you really know what it is your supposed to do, the world is your waster. Sadly on this earth we listen to other centers of influence an I'll get into that a little bit more detail tsk later and we listen to the other centers of influence that are around us who are inclined to um, tell us what to do, parents, grandparents, teachers, peers I'm not don't try don't do that so really my job was helping this people focus in on their innate talents and abilities which I believe, children come to this earth with skills, gifts, talent and abilities and I believe our job is to community to support these children is to help them, uh sort facilitates their life's path so when I was working with this group they introduced me to something that just completely resonate with me and that was the theory of, you know when you, when you are looking at self when you are trying to feel fantastic on this planet, you have to look at the theories of your life, you have to look at your brain, your mind, your physical self, your body and that's spiritual sets-sense of self that essence of you, the-the codes standards of behaviors, ethics the things that are your found [chownding] principles and make sure you are living by them. So when I learn that through the native community it-it was one of things and I said this is, this is exactly, how we live a balance life I mean for years people were saying how do we get life balance, how do we get life balance and usually it was about how could we introduce four million more things on to our plate every day and not nourishing the vessel, the temple within which our spiritual sense of self resides and so that was when I came out of it so I fell into this job which really set the foundation of here's the work you're going to do and you know I stuck with the job for about three years and then I have child and when I have the child it really changed my existence

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