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What is the role of hypnosis?


The role of hypnosis is to give yourself a positive suggestion or to allow a hypnotist to give you positive suggestion in order to improve your life. This word especially, well, if youre, if you tend to be a suggestible person and you know, that doesnt mean that youre goable. Im not goable but Im very suggestible and that Im impulsive. When somebody says, Hey you know that would be a good idea.We should go to the store and bu y a lot of corn and we should go and eat all that corn. Ill be like, Yes, Corn!. So, if youre very impulsive like that, you might be suggestible for hypnosis and you can even hypnotize yourself. That means that if theres something that you dont wanna do but you know its good, if you just say affirmations over and over again especially if youre just falling asleep. If You can meditate and get yourself in that all forms of brain waves state, you can suggest to yourself that you want to do those things. One way that I use self-hypnosis a lot is if theres somebody that I have to work with or deal with that I dont particularly like, I will tell myself in my head,I like you when Im looking at them and when Im talking with them and if I keep saying that over and over again, I really like you, I will find things to like about that person if they have their few revealing qualities. I used self-hypnosis when I as giving birth {inaudible} then. And it allowed me to give birth with very little experience of pain or that in addition to my own natural body mechanics, theres no way to get rid of the pain {inaudible} completely unless youre just lucky but it certainly helped. Hypnosis is not a solution for everything though. It cant make you do something that you absolutely dont even want to start liking to do. So, nobody can hypnotize you to do something awful if you dont want to do that secretly in the first place. And you know, hypnosis can be used as a way to procrastinate too . So if youre using self-hypnosis to try and put a barrier in between yourself and getting started with something then you might as well get started and put hypnosis off for a day when you got more time.

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