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Give yourself a gift of words


Some people constantly find themselves financially poor regardless of them (inaudible) is this self esteem lings why would some people end up in a position where regardless of their income they are poor I think that has to do with your beliefs so if we just look at what a belief actually is it's an acceptance that is stable as true or that something exist something one accepts it to a real a family found opinion or conviction that's what the dictionary tells us about our beliefs but what are your beliefs about finances what are you really think and feel about money is some kind of a (inaudible) that's constructive and useful to achieve a dream or is it a (inaudible) sacrifice your time and your personality and your ideals in such a way that it's just makes you feel horrible well (inaudible) we doesnt have any value other than the value that we're giving it's just really if you look at it it's a certificate that says that's (inaudible) and you can redeem it you can pass it into a bank with some other solicitation and they'll give you some collateral in return for it so back in the old days before we have this kind of thing money we we're trading sheep and carrots and vegetables or whatever we have that have a value so money and itself is not really the problem it's how you perceive it, it's the beliefs the we hold that underlying your how you approaching the use of money so when it comes to this that if you have more going out than you've got coming in well, yeah theres a problem and that's something that has to be corrected because it's not a situation which can, can continue and will lead to problem clearly so in order to overcome that we've start with our beliefs and think about why are we of handling money in that kind of way why do we end up with this, maybe with your self esteem maybe it's that we're trying to compensate for something that's missing in our lives or for some people it might be parenting but if you've had a lack of move and very newly years of your life then you maybe try to self medicate by a compensating or over compensating for that lack of move by laughing yourself with your rewards so oh hey (inaudible) love myself by myself this gift and that you know the best thing that we can give ourselves is to appreciate ourselves with who we are we don't need things to make us happy what we need is to its what we good at, the mind attributes that we have about ourselves and to put first thing forward in our own mistakes and I think part of that is to compare really the subject or view point that we have ourselves with the object or view point that others (inaudible) of us so if for example you're getting negative reinforcement from old people in your world and that could include yourself then you got to put on new mind where start a positive reinforce and give yourself a gift of words instead of money or things and so those words might be well you know if you look at the old behavior the old things that has been said about you could be that lets (inaudible) big faith and so you constantly going out buying shoes to make yourself look or you feel more beautiful but you can go back to those old comments and all sort of programs responses that would words that would (inaudible) by somebody including yourself I mean (inaudible) and say something different to yourself and your self talk and have strengths up with people that say different things to you (inaudible) point was my wife grew up and taught certain things about herself and then had a boyfriend that said negative things about her but it's just wasnt a right match and so he was saying well you've got to be like this she was fine what she was have nothing wrong with her but he didnt like certain things about you, you got to do much of your hair is the wrong color or other things are different about you got to love yourself with who you are and surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and then get that positive reinforcement around those things you'll be a lot happier and then you probably work (inaudible)different shop to make yourself feel better if that's what you're doing I hope that helps.

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