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Spirit in a flesh form


You know we talked a little while ago about healing and there was a I had some limited time so I didnt quite go to the explanation of how o felt about healing in this particular experience of what I called the forth or the fifth light. Healing as I said before has taken a quantomly and one of the things that has been brought to my attention is I have worked with these healing practices and many of the physicians have got vast many different techniques out there is we have come to a time where we are expressing as a unified and integrated being where were integrating ourselves and all levels of our being and all levels of our fragmentations expression our lifetimes past, present and future in to the singular strain of love and light and expression from source to here we now have access from any place within that strain to any other life experience or any other dimension past, present, future that we might want to move to this is something that many have been expressing or talking about for probably a vast many years now however it's something that still kind of alluded us because we didnt quite understand and couldnt quite perceived with the brain the way that it was functioning and programmed at the time to be an interface between our spirit matter which is what we do, this body our senses everything that we are expresses as it interface in other words that allows us to be able to take feelings and to feel things that spirit can't feel because spirit doesnt experience in the way that we do and so our god our creator our presence or I am are what god has whatever it is that you want to call this magnificent life or eternal intelligence it cannot experience except through us and that is why were designed and so this physical body expresses in the interface between those things, now if we understand and if were coming to this point we believe that we are perfectly designed that we are perfect and the only reason we expresses anything less than that is simply because we misunderstood or we have a distortion in our belief system but if we can hold long enough and strong enough the understanding and the intention that we are perfectly design if we understand and we will ourselves to resonate with our divine and perfect blue prints in that frequency in the resonance in that tone and in that essence then we begin to take in that form however one of the things that were dealing with are when it use to the an easy thing for us an easier thing for us to do is to be able to express on and heal and becomes perfectly resonant being and see ourselves that way when we are only working toward our spirituality but now were in a physical body and the complication that were dealing within why some of these healing techniques dont work any longer the way that they did in previous times is because we have this added impact and affect of our physical world the toxins the poisons the interfaces the genetic manipulation we have a complication with that and so we must treat that it's no longer just enough to be able to find the core of our belief or our problem we have a compounded complication with our physical world and so this is maded a much more challenging and interesting journey and adventure for us in the human form were here to express as healers and so I would say you know to keep on keeping on to use your creative intelligence to think out of the box to open yourselves to the straining of information and like coming from the higher grounds to help you manage maneuver and navigate the beautiful road of healing ahead of you and so enjoy, enjoy blessings to you.

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