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Get the job that will make you happy


If you absolutely hate your job on your professional life theres something major wrong with your life and its with your job, with what youre doing, most of us dont really like the job were doing 100 per cent and thats okay a lot of people get by because its an income and it pays the bills, it puts food on the table you can go on a nice holiday maybe once or twice a year but the reality is that the job dictates your own life its, it decides how happy youre going to be. Ive changed career as myself three times now I started out as symmetrical engineer as an (inaudible) student and I did my electrical degree and Ive worked out for about a year too and it wasnt something I wanted to be actually I didnt really enjoy it I was (inaudible) time to get out of it I went on and I did my degrees in business management and those degrees in business management taught me the best part of 25 years to life I really enjoyed what I was doing and I really enjoyed walking and to this day I still do it with my coaching to some extend because Im still involved in executive coaching as well as personal coaching and or coaching but what I decided was I, I dont ever want to be in a job thats not fulfilling my needs and its not making me passionate about the job I want to be able to get up in the morning looking forward to work not draining work so I would say if you need to you need to take the time out (inaudible)find out what is about your current job that you really dont like you know, is it the pay, is it the hours, is it the travel, is it just the job itself. (inaudible) where you want to go and as in previous videos Ive stated that you need to have a lot of (inaudible) what is your passion in life, what are you most passionate about because if you can find a job that matches your passion in some way and that could be as a brick cleaner as a carpenter as an accountant and maybe in graphic media design maybe as what I do as an executive coach if you can find your passion in that then youre really found something thats going to make you very happy in life and its something that you will wake up in the mind and you want to get started and you want to get off to work and do a fantastic job so funny that one of these that you actually want out of life, what your passion like, what matches your (inaudible) and then go after that goal now its very easy for me to say go after that goal as if you think you need to look at first and can go after that goal right away or be do I need to plan financially to get to my new job thats my new goal so I say if another thing is you may need to go back and do some new training you may need to get a new degree and discipline and all may need to spend time and give them free services to build up the experience you need and get other clients as you need to succeed in your new goal, career or profession so you should never let money decide what your job is going to be because from experience of from coaching people and from senior executive all the way down to people who sweep the shop floor, money is not the reason that they take a job or leave a job, the reason people take the job can be for money but they take the job because if its have it, its could be fair if I dont take this job then maybe nothing else out there what youre going to get in to your mind is that it may take a little bit of planning seat down on your coach if I start today and I want to be an accountant what am I going to have to do, how am I going to finance that, do I have a partner that has a job or maybe he or she can finance me while I go back to college start talking to other people in the field who are doing the (inaudible) that you want to win to get their advice get all the pros and cons and the important thing not to stay with a job that makes you unhappy go for something in life that will make you happy and its amazing that, that job may pay you less money but will give you a lot more happiness and lot more confidence in life that your, you never have from the high paying job.

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