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Monkey mind concept


____________________Jennie Lee_____________________________ you know culturally we live in a time and place that is very technology driven, um we live in a sound bite era, and people want quick information in little tiny packages. We are very visually oriented and everything is coming at us very quickly. We're, we're expected to take in a lot of information on a daily basis and process it and deal with it and, and be productive with it, and it's overwhelming to for most people, it's impossible really to take in as much as comes at us on a daily basis and so we are just living in a time where we're scattered, we're overwhelmed, we're overstimulated and so this "monkey mind" concept is the, the racing that happens internally, mentally as we try to deal with the information intake internally mentally as we try to deal with all this information intake. And when we start the practice of meditation, and we start to try to get still, what happens is, as soon as we still the body and still the outer connection to stimuli, the mind just all of the sudden were aware of how incredibly busy it is, and how the thoughts are just racing through and this is absolutely a common experience so there not one person that I have sat with and tried to teach meditation practice to that hasn't experience this so, it's, it is possible to deal with it though and start to quiet the monkey hah

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