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The right approach to your children helping them articulate what they want


__________Laurel__________ Because right now we are in crisis in so far as our mental health in children. We have all these issues going on in our school systems and it doesn't matter where you go. Canada U.S. we have problems with our systems in school and if you were the kind of kid that can travel through school and just go on about merrily on your way and you do well in school and you come out the other end that's great! Then there are those kids that I work with that are on both ends of the spectrum they're-they're brilliant and then they may have some function issues some-some learning disabilities and things like that or they have spectrum, like a spectrum disorder A.T.D., A.D.H.D. those types of things. It's very hard to create a classroom structure, a school system structure that supports every child, you can't. So what happens is not you know these kids get lost in the shuffle and it's really unfortunate so I feel that the more grounded and connected we could keep these kids to be able to themselves for them to be able to articulate I'm feeling this, here's what I need to support and being able to articulate it to parents. One of the beautiful things in working with my kids because it is- it is about mental health it is about um you know their physical wellbeing it is about their mindful their spiritual wellbeing it's about the whole package.

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