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Eliminate limiting beliefs to make your life better


_______Milena Ciren____ Well, we all have limiting beliefs, right? Even when you worked for ten years trying to eliminating them, they will always, something else will come up because basically we create limiting beliefs since we are born. Whatever people say to us, right? Limiting beliefs are like "You can't do this" or "I don't have enough money, I'm too old" uh "I'm not good enough, I'm not loved". These are all limiting beliefs and, of course many many others. And usually I can pinpoint uh the first limiting beliefs that are the most top with just a few minutes of conversation with people. It's so obvious, the way they talk, the way they see things, how they explain their lives, you can immediately see "Oh, wow this is their limiting beliefs", right? Uh, of course then we explore further and we find more of them through different processes uh... and uh...limiting beliefs are very destructive because they stop us in what we want to achieving our lives, right? If you think you're not good enough, you're not gonna go for, for the goal that you really want to achieve or for that great relationship that you want to have in your life. 'Cause you believe "Hey, I can't have that", right. So it's very important to eliminate them and not only eliminate them because then there's a void in our mind, right? When you erase something there is an empty space, you have to replace it with something positive so that goes hand in hand. Eliminate what's bad and replace with the good stuff with positive thinking, with positive beliefs. . If you don't find something in yourself, you will never find it in another person. Until you are able to love yourself, accept yourself for who you are and just enjoy time spent with your own self, you cannot enjoy any relationships and that's why then we go from one relationship to another, trying to find something but you will not find it in another person. You have to find it in yourself first and the key here is to really learn how to love yourself, to work on yourself, be fine with who you are, and then, get into a new relationship with totally different perspective. Nobody can give you happiness if you don't already have it, right?

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