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Listen to what your body is telling you


The connection between mind and body is very strong. The body doesnt lie. The body is our best friend and it wants to help us, it wants us to be healthy so it gives us messages. For instance, if you get a sore throat, its very likely that you have to express anger. You feel like you cant speak. You feel like they wont listen to you. You feel like theres something that needs to be said or addressed and its not happening. When you know this, you have to make some adjustments in your life to change how youre reacting and acting about a {inaudible}. Heres another one. A friend of mine lost her hearing aid. So, she asked me, Georgia would you help me find it? And I said, If I lost my hearing aid, I have to ask myself, what is it that I dont want to hear ? Our body doesnt lie. Every time that theres something going on in your body, ask what do I need to know? What do I need, am I having pain in my shoulders? Is there a great way to reduce the pain in my shoulders? What can I adjust to take the pain off my shoulders? If I have a pain in my back, is it telling me I need to strengthen my back? I need backbone? I need to be stronger with my decisions? And what Im saying, how do I explain it to my self. Are you having lung situations? Do you feel like you cant breathe, like you dont have enough oxygen? Are you feeling {inaudible} or {inaudible} in some way? Every part of our body has a message for us. When you need to make a decision, you can ask your body to help you. This is a very easy way to make very good choices in your way. Think comfortably. Close your eyes. Think of something that you love, that you absolutely love {inaudible}. Then, notice how your body feels. The body {inaudible} hormone {inaudible} especially {inaudible} one place or another. Now you can go and do something. You can wash the dishes, have a telephone conversation, anything you want to do thats {inaudible} . Then you come back. You do the same exercise but this time, when you picture that thing that you left, you carried a lot of negative things about how its not good for you, about how you hate it. You dont want it to be in your life anymore and you see where your body is showing green like you have {inaudible} making your head hurt, making your head feels like its coming numb or your shoulders have a great pain. Wherever that pain is, its important for you to know. Now youd say thank you to that wonderful thing that you love for having important {inaudible}. Its time to make a decision, then you sit on your chair comfortably and that you ask your body , shall I buy that new house? I can hear your body goes, Ehh! then you know you really dont want to do it . Youre applying for a new job and you ask your body your body goes , ahhh. You know this is a great choice even though it seems like you are leaving a lot behind that you love. Asking the body is a great way to yearn your mind. So thats why its important to take care of our bodies. Pamper yourself. Give your self a bath with excess salt to detoxify {inaudible}. Find exercises that you will enjoy. Eat healthy food. And whatever you do, {inaudible}

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