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It doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank


I think this is an interesting question because I certainly found this in my own experience with my clients is that therell be some people that you think would be feel a lack of (inaudible) and then therell be people who you would expect to feel that lack and yet their mind set is completely different and would you think this is a little too somewhere to their self-esteem but I think its essentially an issue around your mind set and the philosophy that you hold about why and you feel that life will always support you and it will always encourage you and it will always be there to help you to achieve what it is that you need then your beliefs will stem from that and I think that regardless of how much money you have in the bank account that philosophy will always hold true for you so how much you have money you have in the bank account you will always even feel that abundance because it may not necessarily be measured in by financial terms it may be measured in terms of family or in terms of friends in terms of results because the way that I look at it you know, in some people might some dont have the money or dont have this or dont have that and yet we are surrounded with amazing results that is and whenever we tapped into how results for it can be with what we have while they think well, I need more money or I need more time, thats just not going to happen you know, especially with time nobody can make more time and with more money yes but then therell always be another barb that you set so I do think that some people do find themselves financially poor regardless of how much they have I remember reading a story of art a very high performing female singer a very successful female singer and she would have had hundred million plus in the bank account and yet she would talk of how afraid she was when she go to bank (inaudible) finances and shell be worrying about whether she have enough money now if you have hundred million plus in your bank you think that, that wouldnt happen and yet that as it was appear shows that it does that all the times so I do think there is a connection between what we believe ourselves and suddenly self-esteem will be a part of that but I think its really with the philosophy and the mind-set that you approach your life with so I like to think that I have a very abundant (inaudible) and I suppose that its sometimes reflect on you know, times in my life when Im not have had as much money so for example when I was a student I was working a part time job I was studying for my degree and yet when I look back at that time you wouldnt know how a very small income coming in I, I never have wanted for anything I never felt like I was missing out or I never felt like I didnt get to experience the things that I want to experience so I do believe that if you have a mind-set that is plentiful, its bountiful, its abundant then you will find those opportunities but if youre always thinking that you dont have enough then unfortunately the truth is that you will never have enough because youll always be comparing yourself against a different standard and that really is takes you on the road to ruin because then youll never going to feel that level of achievement youll never going to feel that level of celebration where you think wow look at what I was able to do and I just want to finish off with just sharing this amazing quote and that I read in a book called Super Proach and in it the author talks about probably what financial security is and he talks about financial security is not about the money or the amount of money that you have in your bank account its the knowledge that you can make the money, create the money when you need it and for me when I read that I really thought that was powerful because you now, when you have a set amount of money in the bank and it still doesnt make you feel abundant and knowing that you can create that money if you need it and if you want to go on a big luxury holiday and you said okay Im going to go, Im going to make 10 grand forever for example and if you need that you could do that then will not put you in that bountiful mind-set rather than thinking well I only have 20 grand in the bank account or take 10 out I will only going to have 10 left and then so I do think that its linked to a mind-set and I supposed the way that we looked at the world so regardless of how much money you have in the bank account you can chose to feel abundant and plentiful and bountiful instead of feeling the lack.

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