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Better ways to ask for help in work


______Ellen______ Well, know for a fact that everybody is the beneficiary of somebody helping them. When they were ten, when they were twenty, when they were- maybe you don't see them, maybe you don't even talk about it but we learn from each other that's part of the glorious thing about being a human being and we're designed to connect, that's what we like to do, that's why people who are in isolation completely go a little crazy because you need other people but you're doing?there are people looking for you if you're a young entrepreneur there are people who have everything, they've made their money, they have their families, they've done everything and I want to give back. How do they give back? There's nothing more satisfying than sharing what you know if somebody younger having them benefit from it and how do you start relationships like this? It's the chance meeting or an introduction and you can tell if they take a liking to you so you learned some terminology that will keep the door open for a communication in the future. "Would it be okay if I asked your advice? An issue comes up and I need some guidance." That's a very respectful way of asking somebody who knows more than you, something more times than not the person's going to say yes and then you ask "How would I get in touch with you?", by phone, cell, email, and they'll tell you. And little by little you developed that these skills, these conversations that are a lost art now but people are suffering for it and entrepreneurs that know how to take advantage of these are saving themselves a lot of weren't here. So it's really worth practicing and the more you do it, the better you get at it. But if anybody is a little inhibited about doing that it's just a matter of finding the right people and they'll signal to you that they're willing to help but that first question is a good way to put it out there without putting yourself in an awkward position.

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