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Be grateful to have a job


There is some (inaudible) of an attitude around this days that if you have a job at all you should be grateful you know, and I get that you know, it is important if you have a job, it is important to be able to earn, to earn a living but it is also very important that we enjoy our work because we spend so much of our time of our waking hours at work but if were not enjoying this it drains our energy and it spills out and affects other areas of our lives and it affects other people in our lives and, and not just ourselves. So, if somebody really, really hates their hates their work there are two things that I, that I (inaudible) the first is start getting in touch with what kind of work they could do that would really like the most and the second is to find an you know, the (inaudible) they can make, discover what it is that they would like to instead and make transitions last to, to look for the positives in their current work you know, because there has to be something I mean, even if it is only the pay check there has to be a positive in the work that you have and, and just remind yourself of what the positive is whenever you find just write it down why you focus your changing more on or what am I going to do instead dont be focusing on uh! I hate my job think Im great to have a job for now and Im going to find something better, something that suits me better and then you need to start getting (inaudible) what are my values because if you are working you need to be doing working another job that honors your values thats not in conflict and there are many, many people are in jobs that are in conflict with their personal values and that they can never be happy while theyre in that situation so what are your values and what kind of work can you be doing that would honor those values, but also think about practical issues like what kind of environment do you want to work? Do you want to work in indoors? Do you want to work in outdoors? Do you want to work in an office? Do you want to be working in a retail environment? You know somewhere busy, somewhere quiet do you want to be working in an open plan space? Do you want your own private place? You know do you want to be working from home? Is that, is that what you need? Or do you need are you, are you working in an isolated environment and what you need is more interaction with other kind of people so you know, make notes of all of these things, what are the values that you need to be (inaudible) what are the kind of the physical kind of environment that you need to be in, what kinds of people to need to be surrounded by or what kinds of people to need to be avoiding, what hours do you need to be working you know, because you know night time doesnt suits everybody so you now get in touch with all of these and start to build a picture and when you have a picture of the kind of situations that you would like to be working and then start brain storming job ideas and started looking at everybody around you and the work theyre doing through new lenses not look at winter cleaners and just say I dont want to be winter cleaner look about, look at the winter cleaner who might be happy in his job and ask why and what are the aspects of his job that appeal to me and you know what could I do that would appeal to me that would also have those attitudes so its not you know, if the boy sounded its not so much about what you do you know and another this is also where you do it, when you do it, who you do it, what you do is also important so its a project you know its, you know you, youre dreamed of is probably not going to fall into your lap overnight its a fact exploration process but if youre really miserable in the work the youre doing then its a process that you need to go through so thats the advice I would give to people do the work.

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