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Being happy is a choice


I really believe that happiness is a choice, it's a choice that you'll make in any given moment of the day it is not dependent on anything outside us now not many people agree with me on that and thats okay I dont mind it to me one of the external things like how much money I have or where I live or how well my children is doing and how my partners behaving today even my cats are having first of all very important things and they're all things that bring (inaudible) or disputer depending on what the situation is but my happiness in the face of one of those things is entirely my choice but making happiness our choice by taking out our happiness in our own hands and claiming responsibility for it we've been (inaudible) and look at like in a totally different way the totally different person and it gives us so much power we no longer avoid by the person who wants to dominant because they can push us around it doesnt bother us we no longer thrown off course by the (inaudible) we might not be thrilled about it or might even be angry about it specially if it's broken down because someone crashed into us but thats not the same thing is being (inaudible) most of us when we talked about happiness and Im not talking about conditions like depression or (inaudible) which are very, very rare things and things like people need to seek support and guidance on and talking about day to day happiness and unhappiness and the things that you think make us unhappy or the packing ticket or cat being the second option or a son breaking the window or a cat disappeared again for a week which was just happen to me these things arent actually making us unhappy were choosing to react with unhappiness if we stick they can say this is what happen and we look at it effectively if we have client and tied a filter so we look at it from a transparence base were actually have integrity within our personal brain were being genuine were engage and living responsible and realistic and we can see in the big scam offense that this is something that is bothering us that it is not making us feel or aren't in any way that we do not choose at any given time we can choose our reaction and because of the we can choose to be happy and even if were angry even if (inaudible) even if Im uncomfortable take deep fundamental tiger driven happiness shines through to other people and when other people see it they may start behaving differently towards us and we may behave different then we responding through to that and as (inaudible) that it represent you know tomorrow walk in straight and tell yourself you are going to behave as a tiger with transparency, integrity you're going to be genuine you're going to engage you're going to be responsibly realistic, smile simply smile for no reason even if the person who glaze at you I guarantee you, you will walk away surprise of how many people smiled at everything begins with your choice your choice to be happy.

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