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Each person is on a path


________Umang Goel_________ Each person has their own journey.Each person is going to get there, whatever there may be. Each person is on a path. No one path is right. Every path is right. How strenuous, difficult, joyous your path is going to be is literally up to the soul residing in your body, right? We all on this earth, our souls have literally inhabited our body for a higher reason, a divine reason because it has lessons to learn. It has lessons to learn. And, unless that lesson is learned, you are not going to be... So, it has to learn its lessons. How can it be wrong? How can it be right? There is no right and wrong. How long? How less long? How does it matter? ________JJ Thiret__________ So, it's not about good, bad? ________Umang Goel_________ No, it's not. Everyone has a path. It's not about any religion. Each religion is the same.

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