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How to find true happiness


What makes people really truly happy? Where is the happiness coming from? Is it coming from the things we purchase? The wealth of wealthy people aren't very happy. Or is it travelling? Or is it having a relationship? Or is it having a family life? What are the sources of happiness? Well, there is only one place you can find happiness. It's within. Yes! We can, of course, all these things I just mentioned would truly lead to your happiness and those are valuable tools to help you (inaudible) more money and travelling and having a happy fulfilling life with your partner and having a family - all of that is all good. But it's not going to define your level of happiness. Your happy meter will come only from within. Now, how can you create that? How can you create happiness from within? Well, I'll tell you what - the first thing is self-love. Yes, I know. Many people say, hello what is that? And how does it work? How can you do and prove your self-love? Well, self-love is related to self-worth. So how do you create a sense of achievement, a sense of fulfillment, a sense of happiness? Well, it's about knowing yourself. So knowing what are the elements that create that and are you within your five senses? You know, five senses are here for a reason. And our brain is working that way whether our brain is looking for pleasure and avoiding pain. So, therefore, what is giving the information to our brain is our senses. So if you're sharpening your senses, you're going to help you to feel that better and to feel more and to be appreciative of the small things. If we have no knowing of senses then we are not able to appreciate what is around. So our sense of appreciation is the second element that is really crucial. So being able to be grateful of what we have or what we are giving up within and the appreciation of the steps we're taking forward - this is really important and creates a sense of achievement. It creates a sense of fulfillment and therefore, a sense of self-worth and therefore a sense of happiness. So, yeah, in all these things are elements that will help you to move forward in happy and beautiful (inaudible) life. Again, go to nature and look at the flowers. Look at everything. Smell the roses along the way, you know? That's what is creating a sense of fulfillment. Don't wait for the big fireworks and for all the big milestones in life. All the small things is what creates happiness. So, being able to relax and meditate and feeling good about yourself and sharpening the senses is going to definitely going to give you a more fulfilling and strong sense of happiness. So, if you want to work on a happiness action plan, call me. You can call me on 4169198466. You can write to me on and our website which is, of course. And there, we can talk about happiness because my goal is to help you to maximize your sense of fulfillment, health and happiness. I have actually assisted in place that is creating this sense purpose and sense of fulfillment. So, if you want to know the five steps, just connect to me and I'm looking forward to participate and contribute to your super happiness.

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