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How next level professional coaching helps people


_______Andrew_______: NLP has been a great tool in the sense of helping people to become unstuck, and to unlearn the things that people basically pick up along the way through life, the baggage, the limiting beliefs, the things the society teach you and so forth. What you can't do, and what you shouldn't do, and I, I hope people realize that, and think on side of the box, of where they currently at and allow them to move forward and start living the lives they truly deserve, and living the life that, that they only thought was a dream initially, but now they finally can actually attain those things and, and live a life that gives in the quality that they've been looking for. _______Andrew_______: The big thing that about my clients really enjoy about me, is the fact that I'm very intuitive, there's a part of me that through a coaching session, that I get insights on what they're saying. I don't, sometimes I don't exactly how relates to the client, but I will share it with them in the session, and more times than not, it's exactly the client needs, to hear that moment. It may not make sense to me but it makes perfect sense for the client. _______Madison_______: That's interesting. What, what do you mean by insights? _______Andrew_______: Um, I can be talking about particular situation and I will get either some pictures, or some words in my mind that I'll, I'll doodle them down and when the client finishes explaining that, I'll say, this just came to me, how might this, be a part of what're you're currently at, or how might this relate to what you're talking about, and more times than not, it will trigger them, to recall something or to look at the situation at a totally different light and the words that I present to them, will be very specific for them. But me taking them person might be nothing, at that moment. _______Madison_______: Hmmm.... _______Andrew_______: And those what they call little golden nuggets, and look forward in the session, when they, see me smile and say okay, you know, here is some, this is, come to me here, how does this relate to what, what we're doing right now? _______Madison_______: Can you, can you give us an example of what you mean by golden nugget? _______Andrew_______: Ummm, yeah. I'll give you an example for, just a client that I saw this week. Ah, she had a situation where she was wondering, what she should be doing in the next 2 to 3 weeks? And the question came to my mind, why is it really important to you, especially how it relates to the big picture, which you see the next 6 months to a year? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: And when I relate that question to her, she said, you know, I really not had been thinking about 6 months or a year, out from this particular perspective, and yet the whole session was being focused on basically the next 2 weeks to 3 months. _______Andrew_______: And by asking that question, she took things in the more perspective which you wanted to be doing and how related to the big picture? And from that, it, it changed the session a certain degree but also gave her a lot more value from the session and it gave her a lot more enthusiasm and inspiration for where she wanted to go with what she wanted to be doing.

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