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Dna is not all there is


___________JJ Thiret____________ From what I heard you say just a little bit earlier is that nature-nurture argument that was on years ago, I'm totally in agreement with you and I think if I can uhm... not necessarily but kind of echo back to you what I thought you said was that there's genetics a play a part in it and also experiential to why somebody behaves the way they do and how they think. ___________Timothy Hayes_____________ And energy. I call it...Icoined the term "Energenetics". So I get energetic impressions and the genetics. You know when the sperm and the egg come together it's not just the chemicals from one and the chemicals from the other that create this body. There's something else going on here there's higher level of intelligence going on there that helps the egg decide "ok now that the sperm is here, what do we do?" And now we've got one cell and now we've got two but they're identical, and now we've got four but they're identical. Well, where's the...where's the energy that decides okay now we need some for an ear and now we need some for an eye? Our scientists have no clue where that comes from. ____________JJ Thiret_____________ In blue eyes which is going to take a recess in which will take the dominant. _____________Timothy Hayes____________ But you're not talking about the theory of the primacy of DNA which has been thoroughly disproven and worked by Bruce Lipton and others and has opened up a field that they're now calling "Epigenetics" and the theory of the primacy of the DNA says that my grey eyes are had been determined, you know, the lack of hair on the top of my head and my height it's all been predetermined, any disease and I development next week, next year, next month is labeled genetic or hereditary it's all predetermined. Well, the work of people like Bruce Lipton has clearly demonstrated that we are not the victims of our DNA. We are the authors of our DNA. We literally choose the focus of our conscious awareness in each moment, and that actually creates the field of either love and acceptance or fear and defense and ourselves and the genetics that express through them are determined by that field that's created.

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