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Situations where true happiness can be found


When we think about happiness we need to think about what it is thats striving us, what are emotions, what excites us, what engages us, what gets us to move, what do we enjoy. When we think about happiness and what it means or what it looks like, what it feels like to different people, well often spend time examining the types of goals that these people have set and the types of goals that they have not manage to achieve sometimes we find that if we missed a goal we feel like we have failed, we feel like were worth less than we are but these are just perceptions these are concepts that we only frame for ourselves so when we think about truly happy people what is it that make these people different or we have to look back at this concept of motivation. In order to motivate ourselves two things can take place one is that we find a reward an external reward that we strive for maybe its cash maybe its status maybe its power but a drive as such as these who used to motivate ourselves (inaudible) we keep our eyes in the price and we keep pushing forward until we have achieved or won the price the thing about these form of motivation is that while it does have its uses and different (inaudible) parts of life its not the one that youre going to enjoy thats the second one thats the one we called intrinsic motivation and this is your ability to realize that theres something that you want to achieve something that you want to do this goal is only relevant to you only you will realize what success will feel like if this goal is achieved of course other people can help other people can support but the big driver is you, you have the ability to keep the interest of, to keep pushing forward, to noxious small achievements regular achievements on the path to success and these goals doesnt have to be monumental goals, these goals dont have to be huge this can be as simple as engaging in a hobby, reigniting our old friendships, connecting with people in a different way there is no right or wrong way to set goals in order to ensure that part of your make up part of your daily routine has happiness, theres no routine for this. The big starting point is to identify what it is you want? What do you really want? And what are you willing to work for? And what we find is that people you can push themselves and drive themselves from within they find life a bit more interesting, they pay attention to the steps, to the highs and the lows of the process of goal setting, they pay attention to the achievement, to the joy and to the satisfaction and these leads to happiness, when were thinking about engagement in the goal setting process we think about engagement in life and were thinking about happiness, true happiness what is that mean? That means paying attention to what you enjoy, paying attention to the times that you get to play or be creative or do something that you havent done before or do something new or reignite or re-connect or engaged the attention that you give in the situations can lead to happiness because it gets you to step outside the automatic routines that we have where we engaged consciously very little because we know these routine so well that we know all the steps involved and making sure these routines work happiness is something else, happiness is the (inaudible) the excitement, happiness makes you feel alive and happiness helps you become more aware of what your purpose is people often wonder about their value, what am I good at? What should I charge? What should I do? When you realize your purpose the enjoyment, your sense of accomplishment and your sense of achievement all because

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